Trust Machines not Human!!

This is my First Article! Trust Machines not Human!

Have you ever said ‘oh this machine sucks’? or

have you ever said ‘machine i don’t trust you’???

or have you ever said machine you killed my life???

I am sure you haven’t because machine obeys you and wants your work to be done fast! It obeys you though it is being used for 24 hours a day, it never stops unless there is no power. But why are humans unlike machines.

Humans are more intelligent because we have created the machines then why are we so bad than machines. Why do we lie and break trust of others.

Humans do not do the work on time and look at the machines, they do it and are on time.

There are many things we have to learn from machines. Because we are far behind in keeping the trust of people and i think it never gonna happen !!!


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